The return of cheap oil. This time don’t waste it.


Courtesy Getty Images


The price of oil tumbles but the devastating human cost remains.

What an astonishing and unpredictable moment. Crude oil prices are tanking and the US, producing 70% more in the last six years, is on the cusp of becoming, in a few months, the world’s largest oil exporter – more than Saudi Arabia!

This is good for consumers and our economy – temporarily.

Instead of decades of the punishing OPEC cartel and petro-state extortion, America has a real chance to get its groove back.

Consumers can send a powerful signal and we will never have quite this opportunity again – to alter the fossil fuel path – definitively.

Fossil fuel divestment is a real part of this change. But OPEC won’t be happy and will be back.

Capitalists praise the power of disruption to foster innovation but prefer inertia and an energy-addicted consumer.

Now it’s up to all of us. The stewards of our future.

24-6 Boycott. One day a week off the grid.

We, consumers all, can send prices even lower, enough to signal multinational corporations and repressive petro-states, that there’s more profit in responsible leadership. And we’re serious.

Help Oil Giants become sustainable Energy Companies.

Support coal miners transitioning to new livelihoods.

Acknowledge oil workers with whistle-blower protection and safer work conditions.

Spend a little time with our families and friends.

Bundle up in sweaters building snowmen.

Marvel at an astonishing Universe under a cold clear sky.

A spectacular sustainable future awaits.

With Big Oil extinction.